In these tutorials I will teach you how to recreate some of my shaders, as well as some techniques and mathematics that are useful for shaders. Right now all tutorials are written in HLSL or made with Shader Graph, but tutorials including C# scripts may come in the future. While they are made in Unity URP, the concepts and most of the HLSL code should work in other environments as well.

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Shadow outlines tutorial

In one of my showcases I recreated a piece of art by Malin, which involves these warm shadow outlines that I really liked. There are however few sources or tutorials on how to achieve this, so I made this “beginner” friendly tutorial on how to get shadow outlines in Unity 2020.3 URP with a writtenContinue reading “Shadow outlines tutorial”

Paper lanterns tutorial

This is a small shader graph tutorial on how to recreate my Paper Lantern shader. No modelling is required.

Math: line intersections

This tutorial will teach you how to find the intersections between a 3D line and several shapes. It is primarily about the math and its HLSL implementation.

Supermassive black hole tutorial

In this tutorial I will walk you through the individual components and process of recreating my SMBH shader. It combines raymarching and the law of gravity to simulate the iconic visualisation of black holes.

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