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Windfall (prototype)

Description This is a small prototype game in which you can freely fly through one map with a time-tracked ring parkour. You can download it here! The primary goal of this prototype was to just get a game out there, as you might notice the game can be quite taxing on your computer. If you’veContinue reading “Windfall (prototype)”


Gardens recreation (Ma-ko)

Description This scene is an attempt to recreate this scene drawn by Ma-ko for Gardens‘ upcoming game. The clip above shows my process frame by frame. The clip below shows a 3D view of the scene, with the camera swinging from left to right. It also shows a custom data pass, the outline pass andContinue reading “Gardens recreation (Ma-ko)”

Art recreation (Malin)

Description This scene is an art recreation from this piece of art by Malin. It focuses primarily on edge detection to simulate a drawn style. Main components Depth and normal based edge detection Shadowmap edge detection Tools used Blender (most models) Houdini (tree model) Photoshop (hand drawn textures) Unity 2020.3 URP (rendering) Note: you canContinue reading “Art recreation (Malin)”

Waterfall and foam (breakdown)

Description The video shows a breakdown of my waterfall shader and particle systems that go with my water shader. It was made with Unity using URP and HLSL shaders. The waterfall consists of 4 models and 3 different particle systems. The models consists of the following: The “water” in the waterfall Three foam models OneContinue reading “Waterfall and foam (breakdown)”

A watery respite (breakdown)

Description The video shows a breakdown of my latest water shader, made with Unity using URP. The shader features the following. Distance based colouring Vertex displacement Tessellation Blinn-Phong specular reflection Height derivative maps, for flow dependent normals Flow map UV distortion Shadows Transparency with underwater tinting Refraction Tri-planar projected caustics Additional fake specular effects InteractiveContinue reading “A watery respite (breakdown)”

Flowers rustling in the wind

Description A flowery scene I made for Harry Alisavakis Discord challenge with my chosen theme of “Flower”. Main components Grass and flower compute shaders Vegetation painting editor tool Tools used Blender (gate and plane model) Unity 2020.3 URP (rendering) Acknowledgements For this scene the following tutorials/sources were used: Video by NedMakesGames, for converting my previouslyContinue reading “Flowers rustling in the wind”