Waterfall and foam (breakdown)

The video shows a breakdown of my waterfall shader and particle systems that go with my water shader. It was made with Unity using URP and HLSL shaders. The waterfall consists of 4 models and 3 different particle systems. The models consists of the following: The “water” in the waterfall Three foam models One atContinue reading “Waterfall and foam (breakdown)”

A watery respite (breakdown)

The video shows a breakdown of my latest water shader, made with Unity using URP. The shader features the following. Distance based colouring Vertex displacement Tessellation Blinn-Phong specular reflection Height derivative maps, for flow dependent normals Flow map UV distortion Shadows Transparency with underwater tinting Refraction Tri-planar projected caustics Additional fake specular effects Interactive rippleContinue reading “A watery respite (breakdown)”