God of Lines


This scene is based upon the starting area of God of War (2018), but with a drawn style that is very much inspired by the drawings of Ma-ko.

As you can guess the main focus of this scene are the lines you see on most objects. This is achieved by rendering a custom pass, that contains data based on UVs and a Voronoi texture. An edge detection algorithm is then applied to this render to get the final lines. The object outlines are done through depth edge detection.

Main components

  • Custom line data edge detection
  • Depth outlines
  • Depth-based Kuwahara filter

Tools used

  • Blender (axe model)
  • Houdini (tree and rock models)
  • Mixture (noise textures)
  • Photoshop (drawn textures)
  • Unity

Note: you can get this scene as wallpaper on wallpaper engine (1080p, 2K, 4K), as well as for your phone as a looping video that comes in two variants (1, 2).


Besides Santa Monica Studio for creating God of War and Ma-ko for his drawings, I’d also like to acknowledge Harry Heath, who recreated one of Ma-ko’s drawings in Unity (link) and had a small outline of how he did his lines. My shaders are very much inspired by his approach.

Furthermore I’d like to thank the people from the Technically Speaking discord for their feedback and suggestions.

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